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Electroninvest was founded in 1994 and is an international distributor of systems for tracking vehicles, people, animals  since 2008.
The company develops and manufactures both hardware and software for follow-up. The company's headquarter is  in Bulgaria, Sofia, but there are partners that operates in 10 countries around Europe, Asia and Africa.
ELEKTRONINVEST is certified for quality system ISO 9001:2008.

Solutions are offered by ELECTRONINVEST in several directions:

The system SLEDA shall provide location information of vehicles, places of stopping, downtime, driving directions and routes, mileage and speed movement.If using devices with CAN interface -it is possible to  transmit important information from  car computer  .For example, fuel consumption, speed and temperature of the engine condition of the tachograph. All information collected is analyzed and processed in software SLEDA  after, in order to enhance work efficiency and reducing the operating costs associated with the transport activity of companies.
Follow-up system is used by many companies worldwide for fleet management and GPS tracking. Electroninvest makes it easier as it fleets with a mounted device, ands all and  large parks with more than five hundred GPS devices.

GPS tracking wildlife and GPS telemetry is a new area with high growth potential for GPS applications. With its small size, weight and ability to supply solar cells, these devices can be used for an increasing number of applications. Electroninvest offers GPS tracking devices on some of thevendangered wildlife, birds, mammals, reptiles! They send data over the cellular telephone network or channel with a certain time interval or on request!
The aim of the projects that use the implemented decisions of ELECTRONINVEST are to contribute to biodiversity conservation, by working with protected species and the acquisition of relevant scientific information to improve the quality of future conservation activities and conservation of endangered and rare types.

Personal GPS devices / trackers / can be used by:
- older people;
- people with various health problems, Alzheimer's, MS;
- couriers, freight forwarders, suppliers and drivers.
- practitioners extreme mountain sports;
- tourists and mountaineers;
- athletes;
- children and teenagers.

Level sensors series "membership" type manufactured by ETC xxx ELECTRONINVEST are designed to measure the level of:
- Gasoline;
- Diesel, Biodiesel, Kerosene, Oil;
- Other petroleum liquid;
Not allow measurement of the level of  liquids such as water, milk and others. Sensor is made ​​of quality materials and components to ensure reliability and accuracy of measurements. Available in different lengths, from 300 to 2500 mm
The operating principle is based on the change in the capacity of condenser tube immersed in fuel - diesel, fuel oil, gasoline, as a function of change in the level of the fluid. We also offer another type of sensor - with built-in GPS receiver and GSM / GPRS modem for communication - a model "STWOL GPS". Using it allows all necessary devices to control the fleet are combined in one!

ELECTRONINVEST has developed and offers a full range of contactless RFID readers ELRF type that can be connected to any GPS / GPRS vehicle tracking devices. For this latter must have RS232/USB interface to get the reader read code contained in the identity card / tag given to each driver. 
Each card / tag has a unique code. The code is sent to data center customers, where the software SLEDA automatically connects driver to the specific vehicle.


Devices for automobile GPS tracking

We suggest on your attention the developed ,projected and manufactured by us system "SLEDA"

„Elektroninvest LTD was founded in the end of 1994, and since than it has been working exclusively in the sphere of electronics.By the time of our existance it has been the improving and now proved distributor of measurement devices and electronic components in Bulgaria.Since 2005. company separate a development center and started his own design and manufacture of GPS systems for car parks. Until the beginning of 2009 we have introduced and employed over 3000 active tracking devices.

Transport and Logistics
- Distribution
- Public Transport
- Garbage
- Water supply and sanitation
- Taxi companies
- Emergency
- Transport of dangerous goods
- Security activity
- Rail
- Agricultural machinery
- Road-building equipment
- Warehouse
- Water transport
- Mining - extraction work
The proposed system for monitoring and controlling the movement of vehicles "Sleda" is designed and tailored to specific requirements and conditions in Bulgaria.
1. General effect of the implementation of GPS systems ELEKTRONINVEST:
- Sharp improvement in fleet management of each company.
- Fuel economy - to 30 - 40%. - Experience has shown that after the implementation of GPS system cost falls sharply, especially of large trucks with tanks over 200L. In some cases savings have been found between 100 and 400 liters per month compared to the periods to implement the system.
- Compacting and save hours of work.
- Effective control of the set of transport tasks.
- Significantly increase labor discipline.
- Generate a lot more information needed for other applications for the overall management of the company - electronic travel sheet and others.
2. Elements of the system:
The system consists of two main elements:
- Center for management and storage;
- Mobile ELT-3 in the vehicles.
Using GPS technology mobile specific data about the location and condition (rest or movement) of the vehicle to a point in time and through the GPRS connection through the GSM network to transmit real-time data to these centers for management. They are saved in a standard database and using specialized software are processed by different types of reports produced (for the distance traveled, time of stay, etc.) and displays the following left to the movement of vehicle graphics card in Sofia and Bulgaria. Software for visualizing and inquiries can be installed on a different computer than the center offices

3.Equipment of vehicle

- GPS main module. ELT-3
3.1 Technical characteristics of ELT-3:
- GPS receiver (SIFR - III) with an active antenna,
- GSM / GPRS module, Telit,
- Microprocessor block
- Energonezavisima memory 16Mit,
- Battery Li-ION 950mAh,
- 4 analog inputs, 8 digital inputs
- 6 digital outputs, audio I / O, voice commands, PC interface
- Additional sensors
4. Equipment for Control Center
- GSM terminal
- Software "after" with built-in digital maps of Bulgaria, according to the needs of the client. Maps are the property of "Domino" Ltd.

1. Standard features:
- Real-time tracking the movement and status of all vehicles in the system;
- Reporting of emergencies;
- Monitoring of certain groups of vehicles;
- Represents traveled routes on the map;
- Generating road sheet.
- Compile a report with the following minimum information:
start and end of movement;
miles traveled;
maximum speed;
average speed;
all types of stays (small, medium and long term)
urban and suburban traffic;
visited settlements;
web sites;
different types of abnormalities in the movement;
chart speed;

- Preparation of reports on the state of analog and digital inputs:
timing of the fuel level in the reservoir;
warnings collapse of the fuel level on the graph and visualization on the map;
viewing locations on the map to switch digital inputs;
statement of the distance involved with digital inputs (counter, etc. ..):
follow through uneven;

- Creating routes for movement, the following schedule of visits;
- Establishing facilities for visitors with the opportunity to control time to visit:
track time and duration of visits to each site;
count the number of visits to a facility for a specified period of time;
generate offense in the deviations.

-Color monitor charged by:
time of day;
day of the week;

-Implementation and monitoring of the actual mileage of the vehicle.
-Establishing permitted and prohibited areas for movement;
-Dividing the car park by region;
-Dividing the car park on functional status;
-Predictable fuel at pre-set spending limit;
-Measuring distances on the map;
-Animation of the movement of one or all cars;
-Animation of all vehicle movements, synchronized in time;
-Record of all impacts on the device:
interruption of power;
the presence or absence of a GPS antenna;
the absence of GPS signals;
lack of GPRS connectivity;

- Possibility of remote access based on (a customer application)
- Export reports. Xls,. Mdb and. Txt format.
- Module 'E The books':
introduce and track individual hours of each car;
introduction and pursuit of activities in the maintenance of the car:

~ Periodic: technical reviews, change oil, filters, etc.;.
~ non-periodic: continuous service activities:

2. Additional modules, offered as an option:

- Address database in the following cities:
- Sofia - 58,011 addresses;
- Bugras - 8375 address;
- Blagoevgrad - 4254 address;
- Dobrich - 9775 address;
- Haskovo - 7419 address;
- Yambol - 9068 address;
- Montana - 5917 address;
- Shumen - 8205 address;
- Sliven - 640 address;
- Stara Zagora - 6331 address;
- Varna - 17,777 addresses;
- Vratsa-5710-address;
- Veliko Tarnovo - 430 address;
- Rousse - 9974 address;
- Plovdiv - 20,714 addresses;
- possibility to configure reports and export according to customer's needs.

Electroninvest provide full warranty service of the embedded system and production equipment for a period of one years after the date of installation.
The service covers labor and materials to eliminate the defects of hardware devices ELT-3 and ELD-3 from defektirane module during normal operation of the devices. The service covers software updates "after" date to the last version.
The service does not cover labor and materials necessary for the removal of hardware defects caused by vandalism or interference by unauthorized personnel. The service does not cover defects caused by external factors - accidents, natural disasters and others.
Services of the embedded system - warranty and guarantee. After sales service is governed according to the needs and desires of the client.
A system service products based on specific requirements of the product.
1. Center building management system with customer and provided to load about 500 traceable devices is necessary to use a computer server with the following desirable characteristics: CPU: Dual / Quad Core 2.0 GHz
RAM Memory: 2 GB
HDD: 320 GB
We recommend the establishment of a system for archiving and data backup disk (RAID).
2. Center management system requirements for the following system software:
Microsoft Windows XP, Server 2003 operating system
Setup software installed MySQL database, which is GPL licensed (does not require payment of a license).


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